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The Legacy Initiative was founded in 2009 by Deon Clark and Charles Wilson. TLI, through direct contact and online interactive media, provides mentoring, entrepreneurial and workforce preparation, and leadership development for underserved youth. Our target groups are youth ranging from their junior high through senior years of high school. The Legacy Initiative provides a necessary pipeline of qualified candidates for diversity and inclusion recruitment needs. We establish a platform for making our underserved students aware of programs, scholarships and opportunities that may not have otherwise been realized.

Latest News

April 2011

TLI addreses teen bullying

The Legacy Initiative addresses Teen Bullying at NO I.D. Concert!

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April 2011

Nuclear Engineers take BIG pay cuts to aid students

Founders Charles Wilson and Deon Clark make BIG headlines!

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March 2010

TLI is now 501c(3)

TLI received recognition from the IRS as a 501c(3) charitable organization. All donations and contributions made as of August 26, 2009 are tax deductible. All organizations desiring verification of this status are encouraged to contact us via email for an electronic copy.

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